Local Landscapes
I live on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands, here is a collection of images from my local area, North Staffordshire, South Cheshire and Derbyshire.
Still Life Photography
During 2020 I took on a 365 challenge, the object was to take a photo each day. During this time I discovered a love for creating still life images, some of these are included in this folder.
Food Photography
I am not the best cook and presentation when it comes to food is not my strong point. As can be seen from the majority of images in this collection, I have a sweet tooth.
My love of Wales started as child when we spent many a holiday in the area. This has continued into my adult life where I have shared this love with my family and explored new areas.
I didn't discover Scotland until way into my forties, there is beautiful scenery everywhere you turn, a photographers paradise it seems.
Creepy Crawlies
Not really my favourite subject especially considering I have a real fear of spiders, but even I have to admit nature is amazing, when viewing bugs through a macro lens you can see just how much detail there is in these creatures.
Creative Art
Quite a mixed bag in this folder, various images created with water drops, moving lights, and just photographing things in a different way.
Everyone has a dream destination and Cornwall is mine. I'm not one for travelling abroad, we have so much in this country I have yet to see.
Before I got into photography I knew the names of only a handful of birds, you know the sort, robin, blackbird, sparrow, crow but I am forever learning more and am always excited to see nuthatches, long tailed tits and goldfinches.
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